expectations and class

1 09 2010

I am extremely excited about this class! I have always been drawn to the course name and description, but always left with this lingering curiosity of what the true meaning or definition of multimodal composition is. Reading through the syllabus and expectations page did give some clarity to the subject as well as the first day of class.

From day one, I realized that I already used multimodal composition with some of my papers in other classes. It does make sense that what I was doing was using different modes within my writing; however, I guess that didn’t quite register with me. I love inserting images within my writing when it’s valid, I feel it really further explains an an idea. I have always been a visual learner (I think most are), so I really enjoy adding something to my writing.

In addition to learning exactly what multimodal composition is on the first day, we also went over expectations of the class. I have never had a professor genuinely care and ask the students opinions of class expectations, not only from the professor but also our peers. I was impressed to say the least. One expectation I do have is respect, over all. Respect of each other, peers or from the professor as well as towards the professor. I think with respect brings an open dialogue which is also a huge expectation of mine.

I am really excited to get started especially with our projects. What the class encompasses is everything I have wanted to learn. I am so excited and optimistic about submitting our projects for possible publication. And, as a sidebar from the first day, I have been to many conferences and know exactly how it feels to be looked down on because of the status of ‘undergrad’; so it’s refreshing to be looked at as knowledgable and professional and see our work as valuable.



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